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The parent needs to fill up the admission form and ensure all documents are in order. The child will be met to ensure that there is no special help needed for the child and the school is equipped to handle if there is any medical condition that the child is suffering from.

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About our School


Before 1962, the only High School in Tirurangadi Niyojaka Mandalam was BEMHS Parappanangadi. And the other high school existed nearby was Chaliyam Umbichi Haji High School. As the students of Vallikunnu had to travel 10 km to access their school there came an urgent demand for a new school nearby. So in 1962, MVHSS which was 7 km away from northern part of Vallikunnu Panchayat was built up.

Even though free land was offered for setting up a new school in the northern part, the dream remained unfulfilled until Shri. A. P. Balakrishnan came forward offering his land to satiate his village’s far off dream. So a committee was formed in 1976 and Sri. P.I.G Menon became the secretary of the committee. The committee along with the Shri. M. V. Koyakutty Sahib (Vice President of Vallikunnu Panchayat) approached Shri. Aukhadar Kutty Naha (MLA and Minister of the state) for approval of the same. Thus in 1976, the dream school came into being and it became the second high school in the Panchayat.

The School was named “Chandan Brothers High School”. The Name ‘Chandan Brothers’ was proposed by Shri A. P. Mamukutty, father of School Manager Shri A. P. Balakrishnan. Being the eldest among the three brothers Chandan, Mamukutty and Appu, Chandan’s name was proposed. The northern part of the Vallikunnu is surrounded by water and the conveyance was very difficult in those time. So the construction of school became a tedious one as the building materials were conveyed by head loads

The School was inaugurated on 20th of May 1976 by Honorable Minister of the State, Shri Aukhadar Kutty Naha by accepting the TC of Mr. Kaipurath Bhasi from his brother Mr. Kaipurath Raman. Shri. Chaudhary, District Collector of Malappuram presided over the function. The presence of eminent personalities of the locality such as Shri. M. R. Velayudhan (Committee Convener), Shri. P. I. G Menon, Shri. M. V. Koyakutty Sahib, Shri K. P. Govindhankutty Nair, Shri V. S. Krishnan, Shri A. Kunhahammed blessed the auspicious occasion. The school started with 5 rooms for class 8, 217 students and 8 well experienced teachers. Mr. M. R. Velayudhan became our first Headmaster

In 1977, the first SSLC batch was started with 68 students, who were transferred from other school in and around Vallikunnu. Mr. A. P. Raveendran was appointed as Clerk. Mr. P. Chandrasekharan, Mr. M. V. Kunhahammed were the other non-teaching staffs. Additional teaching staffs were added during the year. The first SSLC batch came out with 63 % result which was the top result of the district at that time.