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The parent needs to fill up the admission form and ensure all documents are in order. The child will be met to ensure that there is no special help needed for the child and the school is equipped to handle if there is any medical condition that the child is suffering from.

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Thank God. Our well which is situated at highest place in Vallikunnu provides water for about 2000 students. Water supply is done well for drinking and sanitary purposes.


Our football ground which is situated on the back side of the premises is one of the biggest grounds available in Vallikunnu Panchayat. In 2006 and 2008 our girl’s team made history in football by reaching the second place in the National level held at Punjab.

We have 3 volley ball courts. One boy and girl emerged from these ground to play in the
Indian team.


The PTA’s long held dream of making teaching-learning process simple, fun and effective came true when the multimedia theatre was inaugurated on 1st November 2012. It was a joint venture built by the PTA and the Management. The fully functioning theatre is alive with the screenings of educational films, CD’s pertaining to lessons, Documentaries etc.

A theatre of this magnitude is unique to CBHSS compared to other nearby schools, we could rightly claim.


Student Police Cadet (SPC) unit started functioning in CBHSS Vallikunnu since 2010. The Student Police Cadet Project is a school-based youth development initiative that trains high school students to evolve as future leaders of a democratic society by inculcating within them respect for the law, discipline, civic sense, empathy for vulnerable sections of society and resistance to social evils.

The project also enables youth to explore and develop their innate capabilities, thereby empowering them to resist the growth of negative tendencies such as social intolerance, substance abuse, deviant behavior, and anti-establishment violence. Equally, it strengthens within them commitment towards their family, the community, and the environment. SPCs have a key role in developing the society that is based on love for one’s country.


Junior Red Cross has been formed to fulfill the pivotal aims of International Red Cross Society and to develop certain finer humane qualities like voluntariness, character formation (molding character), Kindness, Love, Nursing, Disseminating education etc. among the promising youth. It operates nonpolitically and impartially and unbounded by caste/religion/tribe. As the parent organization, JRC too has branches in different part of the world. JRC was formed in 1920 and ‘I serve’ is the ‘motto’. Every year, May 8 is observed as Red Cross Day. Aim of JRC in schools are to develop health, to indulge in helpful/humanitarian activities, to develop universal fraternity. JRC came into being in CBHSS on 26th June 2009 with 60 students from class 8. Annual selection of JRC is done in class 8. The Student can secure grace marks in SSLC for their service in JRC. Activities of JRC in school are first aid, cleaning the environment, nurturing tender plants, distribution of school uniform, Kitchen gardening.


National Service Scheme (NSS) unit started functioning in CBHSS Vallikunnu since 2005. +2 Schools and colleges were given freedom to develop specific programs suited to local conditions. NSS is a student oriented program with lots of objectives towards the welfare of the society. Every year 50 students are admitted to the NSS Unit. Our NSS unit is performing its duties and responsibilities at a high level. A lot of programs and policies are conducted by the unit like Energy conservation, Skill development, Health awareness classes, Environmental conservation programs etc. Every year our NSS unit is conducting a 7 days residential camp with lots of programs which helps to serve the society.


School libraries are central to learning and plays a key role in schools as felicitators of learning. The library in our school is quite impressive with books which inspire student’s literary endeavors and their passion for knowledge
The library is well lit and well ventilated. The books are categorized according to subject matter which makes browsing easier. The library can boast of an impressive reference section. The location of the library is advantageous to students as it assures the much needed silence for uninterrupted reading.

Now the library is in an expansion mode adding more books and facilities. Thus we hope it would make more passionate readers among our students.